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Team members: Courtney Crompton, Jennifer Paszament, Gonzalo Gelso, Tiffany Cheng


Designing for Thinkers

When starting a new project or researching a new idea, one starts taking notes in numerous different places: their journals, on the computer, in their notes on their phone, etc. Before you know it, your notes are scattered that you can’t find a certain link you jotted down in your notes last Thursday.

Targeting curious, innovative thinkers, our journal app is a digital platform for organizing, remembering, and developing one’s ideas. With the ability to save photos, links, words, and research, our journal app enhances the entire process of both learning and thinking by helping you stay organized and engaged.


  1. Develop a tool that helps record all your notes (both digital and physical) in one place.
  2. A tool that allows you to organize your notes in one place and revisit ideas.
  3. A way to make connections through your research by seeing patterns you may have missed in the scattered notes.


Target Audience: Curious & innovative thinkers

Voice: Motivating, positive, encouraging

Competition: Evernote, Siri, Trello, To-do list Apps, Google Now, Google Drive, Google Keep


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40% of people write about their ideas  |  67.5% write down information in order to remember it  |  42% of people prefer physically taking notes

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56.5% of people use observation/experience to do research

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Only 5.5% of people look back at their notes everyday

Conclusion: Encourage users to revisit their notes frequently in order to develop their ideas, Help organize ideas for long term memory so that thoughts aren’t lost


Journals: Journals house your notes, images, resources, videos, and to-do lists

Notes: Photo of physical notes, digital notes, audio notes

Photos & Videos: Links saved from web

Search: Ability to search notes or images

Cut & Paste: Ability to move notes around and re-organize thoughts

Save: Save links, sites, and resources from the web directly to a journal

Highlighter: Highlight important physical and digital notes

Profile: Settings, help, about, language, notifications

Trash: Ability to delete old notes that are no longer useful to you

Timehop: Notification on your phone that reminds you to go back to a thought


Site map

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Homepage: Library of journals


Search: Ability to seach in keywords


Profile: Ability to share & adjust settings 


Journal page: Show what's inside in each journal, customizable


Activity log: Similar to a history web page

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Let's connect

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